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Pakistan Single Window (PSW) is an ICT based National Single Window (NSW) Sytem in Pakistan.

Vision & Mission

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To emerge as the hub for services, facilitating cross border trading, in Pakistan and beyond.

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To establish a reliable ICT-based trade information management system, improving overall efficiency of cross border trade.

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To simplify and harmonize processes ensuring transparent risk-based enforcement of related regulations within Trade and Transport Ecosystem.

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Reducing cost and time by at least 50% from existing level in cross border trade.

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Establishing simplified information exchange among public and private sector stakeholders.

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Providing ICT based platform for B2B, B2G, G2G and C2C transactions in Pakistan


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Key Features of PSW


Integrated Declaration

In PSW, the information required by Customs and OGAs will be electronically submitted through an Integrated Declaration. As such PSW will eliminate the current practice of filing and pursuing separate applications to Customs and Other Government Departments (OGAs) for complying with various laws and regulations related to imports, exports and transit trade.


Automated Routing

PSW will identify and automatically exchange information for goods that require Licenses, Permits, Certificates and Other documents (LPCOs) from any Government Agency. This will improve regulatory controls in transparent manner removing the need for repeated submission of same information.


Connected Government & Paperless Processing

The back-end processes of majority of OGAs related to cross border trade will be re-engineered and automated to ensure paperless on-line processing leading to a connected government. This will enable document tracking within the system. The structured information captured through PSW will improve government controls besides reducing cost, time and complexity for economic operators to achieve regulatory compliance.


Risk Assessment

PSW will incorporate risk based selectivity criterion not only for Customs but also for other key OGAs to ensure that consignments are selected for examination and testing based on the principle of risk management in order to improve controls and facilitate genuine trade. Moreover, a system for coordinated joints examinations/inspections by Customs and OGAs will be adopted.


Port Community System

PSW includes development of a port community system that will not only improve efficiency and transparency of the logistics side of cross border trade by providing the much needed integrated platform but will also enable real time cargo tracking facility.



All fees, charges, levies, duties and taxes related to cross border trade will be paid electronically through PSW’s e-payment system without the need to visit banks, OGAs and ports separately for each payment.


Knowledge Management

PSW will provide the much needed platform for knowledge management in cross border trade. It will act as a robust trade portal in Pakistan backed by an Integrated Tariff Management System and will provide respective business processes for regulatory compliance in respect of majority of products.


Value added services

PSW will provide value added services to its users in order to enable them in playing out their role in cross border trade more efficiently and effectively. PSW will provide help desks for its users and e-appointment system also.

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