To emerge as the hub for services, facilitating cross border trading, in Pakistan and beyond.



  • To establish a reliable ICT-based trade information management system, with value added services, for facilitating and improving overall efficiency of cross border trade.
  • To simplify and harmonize processes ensuring transparent risk-based enforcement of related regulations within Trade and Transport Ecosystem.


  1. Reducing cost and time by at least 50% from existing level in cross border trade
  2. Establishing simplified information exchange among public and private sector stakeholders
  • Transparent enforcement of regulations, using risk management
  1. Provision of value added services within entire cross border trading ecosystem
  2. Providing ICT based platform for B2B, B2G, G2G and C2C transactions in Pakistan

Guiding Principles:

  1. Inclusivity of all stakeholders
  2. Simplification through the use of ICT and standardisation
  • Maintaining organisational autonomy of participating public sector stakeholders
  1. Regional and global integration for trade facilitation